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Women Cycling and the Benefits of Riding of Bicycle

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A growing number of women who are dedicated to cycling, and not the few ones that transform this passion in a sport at competitive level, achieve excellent results.

All the Benefits of Cycling

It’s a proven practice that cycling brings many benefits.
It tones muscles, keeps joints healthy and efficient and heart trained, helps the circulation, and improves lung capacity. In addition, it allows the disposal of the extra kilos. 

In particular, the muscles of the legs can be more strong and fit without being too big. The muscles of the shoulders and arms are less involved in this activity but more solicited and engaged in the climbs and on irregular land.

Also reinforced are the muscles of the spine—especially in the lumbar, when you pedal on an uneven terrain.

Therefore cycling is also suitable for women who suffer from lumbar diseases, for example, because of bad posture or excessive weight.

Joints healthy and efficient
Joints remain active and efficient, so cycling brings benefits to women with early articular suffering. In this sport, the weight of the body does not load on your back, because you download entirely on the bicycle frame and such specificity makes it suitable even those suffering from disorders at the spine.

Heart trained
Cycling allows a training of the cardiovascular system. The heart, which is a muscle, becomes stronger and more resistant to fatigue; heart rate and blood pressure are reduced with training. Cycling is an aerobic sport, during which the muscles burn oxygen and is characterized by an intensive effort.

Good movement
A woman, especially during spawning, is less predisposed to diseases of coronary, but in compensation is more prepared to peripheral circulatory problems, and then practice this sport can improve the circulation and lymphatic venous level of the lower limbs , Helping to prevent the formation of swelling in the legs.

Improved lung capacity

Cycling is a physical activity that can increase the respiratory capacity, improving the functionality of tree bronchial and it is also suitable for those suffering from asthma or chronic bronchitis. The improvement in lung capacity is particularly perceptible in smokers women, who have a reduced capacity of ventilation.

No extra kilos
Cycling allows you to lose weight, but only if you follow a proper diet. You lose weight only when the daily calorie consumption exceeds the calories taken daily with food.

Consuming calories during cycling depends on the pedal, the length, and difficulty of the trail
May range from 100 to 150 calories per hour to about 400 to 500 calories (but only for labor-intensive muscular development with high-speed prolonged and then high-level cycling). An adequate physical and constant training can also help to prevent and combat cellulite.

Few Contra
Attention should be given to all women who suffer from venous insufficiency of the lower limbs and varicose veins. Adopting a pace bland and not push too much on the pedals or to engage in hard climbs (for example, if you use the mountain bike).

Even walking on dirt or road must always be done with a pedal agile, without great effort, because if the calves are working excessively can worsen the circulatory disorder already present.

There are also special situations where cycling is not suggested
Inflammatory diseases such as acute and chronic external genitalia and urinary and the presence of hemorrhoids, and the presence of herniated disc or chemonucleolysis/lumbar sciatalgy in the acute phase.


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