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Wonderful Dental Care

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I finally met a dentist who has compassion for his patients. He has this desire to make his patients have beautiful smiles esthetically as well as have that feeling radiate from within. There is a strong desire for his patients to receive excellent dental care from him and then to transfer that to self-care.

How do I know this, because of the way I was treated when I came to his office? The office is state of the art. It has a Zen feel to it. There are no rooms for patient care, all of the rooms are divided by open walls and folding partitions. There is an openness to the place that does not feel restricted. When I first came there my thought was what a beautiful place. All of the sections are fully equipped with the dental apparatuses needed to perform their immediate functions for the patient. Music is piped in and there are televisions if you want to watch them.

After my experience with this dentist I noticed I did not feel angry or terrified upon leaving the office. I felt at ease. There was this feeling it was alright to go back and be treated with respect, gentleness, care, and kindness. In the past when I went to the dentist I was always terrified. I was afraid of the needles, the grinding of the teeth to put in fillings. Having a tooth extracted was the worse. I always felt terrible after leaving, dreading when I would have to return for more treatment.

Dentist of the past rarely talked to you about what they were going to do on a given visit. Sometimes I would leave the office with teeth missing, a bridge that would look hideous. They would work on your mouth and tell you to return in two weeks or whatever the time allotted for the next visit. Yes, I would ask what was the procedure for the day and I would be given some obscure answer. Nothing concrete to let me know exactly what was going on. This was not so with this dentist. I was informed of every procedure to be performed, no surprises … yes. I truly appreciated that.
I did not mention that I would be told by previous dentist how awful my mouth was and how Mother Nature had played such a cruel trick on me. My mouth was not aligned as they thought it should … how was I eating, how could I function with my teeth aligned that way. I did not know what they were talking about because as far as I was concerned I was eating okay maybe not fast as some who gulped their food down without chewing but I managed.

After a dental visit in the past I wondered why I was chewing at all. I was never a happy upon leaving their offices. But deep in my heart I knew that one day I would find a dentist that would treat me with respect and accept me the way Mother Nature had made me and worked with that. Low and behold I finally met a dentist after a few decades of dental appointments that were not exactly pleasing to say the least. Even though it took awhile to find a truly competent and compassionate dentist, the wait was worth it. I have much better dental hygiene than in the past. I have learned that I must put myself first and take care of me no matter what.


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