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You Choose Your Weight Loss Reality

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— Quote of The Week —
“Make the decision, make it with confidence, and the world will be yours.”-Jaren L. Davis

We as human beings have this incredible tool at our disposal... choice. You get to choose what you think, how you feel, what your experience is, what your results are and how you want your life to look.

It's funny how we know that, intellectually, yet we still choose to feel crappy, think negative thoughts, choose less than ideal experiences, receive less than stellar results and go into survival mode instead of really truly living.

Think about it...

Have you ever thought the following: "Everyone in my family has excess weight so I will too." Or, "Once you reach a certain age you gain weight." Is that the life you want to live?

I have heard countless stories of how stressful planning a wedding is and yet I still choose not to believe that as my truth. The truth is, there are people who are stressed, and there are people who aren't.. guess which one I am choosing to be? You have the same power with your weight.

Take an inventory of the thoughts and beliefs you have around weight... and ask yourself this question towards each one of those thoughts:

Is this 100% true across the board for every person on the planet?

If the answer is NO, then it doesn't have to be your truth... it's a choice. My advice, choose a better feeling thought, one that actually reflects the life you want to live. Begin designing the life you truly desire and watch it unfold. You are that powerful. Happy living!


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