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You Ready To Get Out of The Damn Box That's Keeping Excess Weight On Your Body?

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I heard the following quote listening to one of my mentors, "We Don't Have the Ability to Think Outside The Box That Was Created For Us."So why am I bringing this up in regards to your weight?Because you are literally operating and making decisions from programming that was given to you as a child without your own thoughts even being able to be involved. Therefore you are stuck in a box that you didn't even create. And you wonder, why do I struggle with this so much?

Let's talk about what this "box" looks like. It is going to be different for all of you however there will be some themes that are true for all.It will be comfortable. You may not like it.. but it will be comfortable.
It is backed by principles that are not always true. In other words, it doesn't work for every person, every time across the board.It goes against who you truly are on a spiritual level.It doesn't feel right (dieting, scarcity, force, punishment, etc.)You know deep down that there must be another way.You were given information and programs as a child about your body, weight, food, exercise and everything health related. Therefore every time you want to change any of those things, your mind checks in with your body to make sure that everything is aligned with your programming. When it's not (and it won't be otherwise you would be getting the results you desire) you reject it and then wonder why you can't get results. Therefore you are stuck in the same box with no way of getting out.

Want the answer to get out of the damn box? It's super simple...Get extremely uncomfortable.Join a gym even though you are terrified.Go to your first Zumba class. Invest in a coach/mentor even though it's a large investment.Start cooking.Go make new friends.Be more social.Walk at the beach by yourself.Go out to eat by yourself and order whatever you want.

You catch my drift? I can guarantee you, you will not lose weight unless you are willing to get uncomfortable over and over and over.

Until eventually, your comfort zone (your new box) is a different one altogether, with completely different programming that is in alignment like your highest version of yourself.

Now go get uncomfortable and tell me all about it!


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