The Zone Diet: Find the Right Diet for You

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According to the Zone Diet plan, food is your ultimate medicine, better than any pill a doctor can prescribe. The key is managing insulin levels through a diet designed to keep them within a certain zone. Once you enter the Zone, you will be in a “euphoric state” where maximum physical, mental, and psychological performance can be achieved. This state, in which your body and mind work at their ultimate best, can be reached by everyone and maintained for the rest of your life, according to creator Dr. Barry Sears. This “hormonally correct diet” claims lasting fat loss, greater health, peak athletic, mental, and emotional performance, as well as a longer lifespan.

What makes the Zone Diet plan different?

The idea of the Zone Diet is that each meal and snack has to be specifically balanced sets this plan apart. A conscious effort needs to be made to plan ahead to ensure the right combination of low-fat protein (such as fish or chicken breast), carbohydrates (such as fruits and vegetables), and “good” fats (such as olive oil and nuts) are ingested every time you eat. Meal timing is also unique and stems from the belief that food is like drugs and in order to remain in the Zone, you need to make sure that the body does not become deficient of the right foods. To learn more, read the full description of the Zone Diet.

The nutritionist weighs in …

As assessed by one dietician, the Zone seems like a place where dreams come true, but it can be a difficult place to find and remain for your entire life. Small, frequent meals and snacks are encouraged throughout the day, as is a balance of nutrients within your meals. Very helpful tips for eating out are given, so even if you are traveling overseas, you can find something to eat.

For more information on the Zone Diet, or to use the DietFinder tool to find the right diet for you, visit DietTV.


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