What Causes Agoraphobia?

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If you suffer from a mental disorder like agoraphobia, you need psychotherapy. Your own dreams will show you how you can become self-confident and get rid of all fears.

Carl Jung discovered the only correct method of dream interpretation, which I proved by continuing his research. I discovered the anti-conscience, the wild side of the human conscience that he could not see with the knowledge he had at the time. So, now you have an entire vision of your psychological content thanks to my breakthrough work. You only need to follow the wise unconscious guidance in the dream messages in order to overcome any mental disorder.

I transformed Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation into a very fast method of instant translation. Be my student for a while, and you’ll have this wealth of eternal wisdom guiding you for life. In case you need urgent help, I can immediately translate your dreams for you, and provide you with psychotherapy after the dream translation as well.

Now, let me give you an example, so that you may understand what causes agoraphobia.

John dreamt that he was walking up the stairs of a building because a policeman told him that the elevator was too dangerous. At a certain point he decided to walk down the stairs back to where he was before because the stairs seemed to never end. However, he couldn’t walk down the stairs. He was dizzy, and feeling too weak.

John is a married man, a father of two boys. He is not loyal to his wife, and he constantly faces conflicts with his eldest son. John seemed to be fine until a few months ago, when he suddenly started suffering from agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is a mental disorder characterized by the fear of being in crowded and public spaces.

Let’s translate the meaning of his dream:

John has too many steps to walk up because he has to study too many aspects (steps) of his life in order to acquire consciousness of them.

The building where he is, indicates that he is discovering who he really is, and how much his personality is being influenced by other people’s personalities.

The policeman represents self-defense. He tells him that it would be dangerous to use the elevator because it would be very dangerous for John’s mental health to suddenly reach the conscious surface. He would feel too depressed if he would suddenly acquire conscious awareness of just how many mistakes he made during his lifetime.

He is afraid to go down the stairs, where he will meet his anti-conscience, because he made very serious mistakes for being controlled by his wild side. Now he has no courage to analyze how wrong he was for doing what caused so much damage to his and other people’s lives.

He will stop suffering from agoraphobia once he stops feeling guilty. He has to accept criticism of his behavior and understand all his faults, instead of avoiding all thoughts about this painful subject.

We need to learn a lot more about John’s life in order to understand all the mistakes he made in the past, and what mistakes he is making now. However, we already know what is provoking his agoraphobia. We also know that by following the unconscious guidance in his own dreams, he will transform his personality, and begin a new life without fears.


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