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Aqua Glycolic Hands & Feet

Your hands and feet work hard for you every day, so it's important to treat them well to keep them strong and attractive. Use moisturizers with sun protection on your hands and feet. Avoid dry skin by occasionally using an exfoliant to slough away dead skin before applying moisturizer. Keep nails trim with clippers and a file, and use nail polish to add fun color.
Aqua Glycolic
$21.06 $24.95

Dermatologist Recommended Advanced Dry Skin Therapy Alpha Hydroxy Acid Skin Care System Aqua Glycolic® Hand and Body Lotion will g...ently remove dead skin cells from rough, dry, sun-damaged skin and help restore skin's proper moisture balance. Continued use will reveal soft, smooth skin with a healthy glow. For soft skin on the face, try Aqua Glycolic® Face Cream. Questions or comments? (800) 253-9499 Physician Recommended Initially, apply once daily. Providing there is no irritation, application can be increased to twice daily. Do not exceed two applications daily unless directed by a physician. ©2005 Merz Pharmaceuticals Manufactured for: Merz Pharmaceuticals read more

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