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Logona Mascara

$20.89 $22.00

LogonaNatural Look Mascara 01 Black-8ml (.27 oz.) Logona's Natural Look Mascara is ideal for subtle, naturally beautiful lashes. L...ogona's Natural Look Mascaraenhances your lashes with color, volume, and definition, while protecting them from breaking and splitting. Logona Natural Look Mascara's large, full brush coats each lash from base to tip for maximum length, thickness, separation, and rich color. Mild and non-irritating, the new Logona Natural Look Mascaraconditions your lashes with premium ingredients. Standards and Quality Manufacturing personal care products without synthetic preservatives requires especially careful handling of both raw materials and finished products, as the slightest contamination can ruin an entire production run. Logona utilizes GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), the pharmaceutical industry's production standard, to guide their manufacturing processes. Logona also continuously improves their products' quality to keep current with advances in manufacturing and ingredien read more

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