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Nailtiques Makeup Brushes & Tools

Applying makeup so it looks great and lasts all day or evening is easier when you use the proper tools. Stock your makeup case with all the basic brushes, including those for applying foundation, blush, eye shadow, and lipstick; remember the eyelash curler and pencil sharpener. It's important to also have a quality makeup remover that won't dry out the skin, and the proper brush shampoo or antibacterial wipes to keep your tools in great condition and avoid transferring unwant... moreed bacteria to the skin.

Nailtiques cushioned sponge file is a two-sided emery designed to file natural nails. The green side shapes nails without creating... splits. The pink side safely removes stains and ridges from the nail surface. This fine emery also creates a smooth finish when patches are necessary. nothing else even comes close® All Nailtiques products are salon-tested. Made in Japan Use the green side for shaping nails. File nails in one direction, using short strokes. Use the pink side for removal of stains and ridges. Apply Nailtiques Nail Moisturizer or Oil Therapy on the nail surface then gently file away stains and/or ridges. Nailtiques® read more

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