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Ever feel like you have to run your flat iron over your hair 3-4 times to get it right? Well, with the Prep It combandrsquo;s tens...ion smoothing system, you will prepare every section for one sweep styling. Itandrsquo;s heat resistant and works best with a flat iron or curling iron. Start by combing out the tangles and then use the Prep It comb by closing it and lightly smoothing out the hair before ironing. The Prep It comb is a tension comb that will get your hair ready for heat styling by smoothing hair for shiny, beautiful easy styling! The Prep It Comb, 9.5 read more


This Mini Styling Brush is perfect for touch ups or for your daughter! It s high quality nylon/boar bristles makes this the ideal brush! Anything that can fit into your purse we just love and adore, especially when it resembles our favorite at home tools! This mini styling brush is a smaller version of our On Set Styling Brush, which is the favorite amongst Celebrity and Fashion hairstylists. The combination of boar bristle and nylon is ideal for an everyday soft, smoothing, and styling brush! Mini Styling Brush, 7 read more


The On Set Styling Brush creates a gorgeous old hollywood wave or a sleek, smooth ponytail. With its combination of nylon and boar... bristles, it is smooth to the scalp and easy to use! This On Set Styling brush is a must for celebrity and fashion hairstylists. The combination of nylon and boar bristles makes it the perfect styling brush to brush out gorgeous waves or create a sleek, smooth ponytail! The large size makes it ideal for everyday styling. SARAHandrsquo;s TIP: Spray hairs pray directly on the brush after heat styling to lock in your look and smooth out your waves! On Set Styling Brush, 9.25 read more

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