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Bic is a disposable consumer products company founded in 1945 in Clichy, France, when Marcel Bich and Edouard Buffard began manufacturing fountain pen and mechanical pencil parts. The company launched the Cristal ballpoint pen in 1950. The company continues to provide simple, rel ... Read More iable products for everyday use. Bic products are sold worldwide in major retail stores and online. Bic offers a variety of everyday, typically disposable consumer goods. The many lines of goods include writing tools, stationery, lighters, and Bic razors. The brand produces Bic pens and pencils, sticky notes, highlighters, wand lighters, lighter cases, men's and women's razors, and much more. Bic brand items are produced with sustainable development in mind. Despite the disposable nature of its products, the company strives to make light, long-lasting products using recyclable materials. This social responsibility fuels the company's desire to continue to develop new eco-friendly products.

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Bic Group
Service Communication, Société BIC
	14 rue Jeanne d’Asnières
	92611 Clichy Cedex - France
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