Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit

Poetic Waxing Kit
Poetic Waxing Kit
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Bliss poetic waxing kit is a safe and effective, stripless, low-heat, hard wax hair removal system that shrink-wraps hair without adhering to skin for take-it-all-off waxing gentle enough for sensitive skin. Blue color makes for easy-to-see... application. For hair removal on face or body. Microwaveable for fast, easy at-home use. Poetic Waxing Kit Includes: 3 large spatulas 3 small spatulas One free ingrown eliminating pad sample Wax-filled cup (5.3 oz.) Super skin cleanser (1.0 oz.) Pre- and post-waxing oil (1.0 oz.) read more

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Neiman Marcus

Free Shipping + 3 Free Beauty Samples! Now in a new microwaveable cup! Used in bliss Spas' famously painless waxing services, blis...s Poetic Wax is the first-ever safe and effective low-temperature, aromatherapy-based hair-removal system. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, and suitable for use on any part of the face or body, this complete waxing kit makes at-home head-to-toe hair removal easy, comfortable and convenient.Set includes:- Poetic Wax.- Mild Super-Skin Cleanser (1 oz.) to prep skin for waxing.- Calming Pre- and Post-Waxing Oil (1 oz.).- Three large and small spatulas. Brand: Bliss. Style Name: bliss 'Poetic Waxing' At-Home Hair Removal Kit. Style Number: 298200. Manufacturer part number 1003-01470 By bliss read more


Dual-purpose mousse effectively weakens hair growth and produces a refreshing and relaxing feeling on heavy and tired legs. This p...roduct is ideal for home use and should be used between waxing treatments to accelerate the weakening of the hair. read more

Sally Hansen

Find shaving and hair removal at! Sally hansen hair remover wax strip kit - 34 wax strips


Gigi Paper Strips Epilating Waxing Roll - Bleached Muslin Depilatory waxing is the most effective method to remove unwanted hair o...n the body. Gigi Hair Removal Strips remove hair directly from the roots, leaving skin soft and beautifully smooth for weeks. No need for tweezers, electrolysis or harsh creams. Simply apply the melted wax of your choice, lay a strip of Gigi 's Hair Removal Strips on top and press firmly, then pull sharply in the opposite direction of hair growth. You'll have noticeably smoother skin instantly! These strips are made from Bleached muslin material and comes in a roll for multiple uses. Easy to use Leaves skin hair free for up to eight weeks Removes hair from the root Simple, gentle and effective read more

Sally Hansen

These pre-waxed strips are the quickest, easiest way to remove hair and are the perfect size for larger areas! Remove wax strip bag. Rub the strip briskly between hands for a few seconds. This helps the wax become pliable and ready for use. Slowly pull wax strips apart and set one aside. You now have two wax strips. Apply the strip smoothly in the same direction that the hair grows. Stroke strip briskly a few times from top to bottom to make sure wax has adhered to the unwanted hair. read more

American Drug Supply Store

Zip Wax Hot Wax Hair Remover 7ozZip Wax Hot Wax Hair Remover 7ozZip Wax is the best hair remover in the market and works good to r...emove the facial hair. MANUFACTURER: LEE PHARMACEUTICALS INDICATIONS: For All Body Use: Legs,Face,Bikini Line,Underarms. Contents: are Wax Block and Wood Spatula. INGREDIENTS: rosin, beeswax, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate. DIRECTIONS: Your skin will be bare and smooth for weeks after just one application of Zip Wax. With repeated use, hair grows back thinner, finer. Satisfaction guaranteed: just follow the simple instructions. Read all instructions before use. ABC# 529743 read more


Persian Cold Wax is safe, fast and easy to use in your salon or in the privacy of your home. The easiest most effective way to rem...ove unwanted hair for legs, body and facial hair.Kit Contains: Persian Cold Wax, Pellon, Strips Applicator Instruction Sheet. read more


All purpose wax leaves skin sleek, smooth and free of hair. Gentle enough for delicate areas. 14.1 ounce can.

Forever Gone

Eliminating the need for harsh chemicals or expensive treatments, Forever Gone plus is a painless and easy way to effectively way remove all hair types. Professional quality results at a fraction of the price and in the comfort of your own home, or even while traveling with it's compact and easy to carry size. Each order includes: Forever Gone plus hair remover, large and small heat transferring tips, soothing Serum, large buffer with 4 refill pads, AC adapter and a cleaning brush. Suitable for all skin and body types. read more

No Tweeze

What it is: No-Tweeze Hair Remover Wax is an all natural hair remover has been raising eyebrows since 1929. What it does: This al...l natural hard wax is the answer for unwanted hair removal without the use of strips! What else you need to know: Developed for the face, Hard wax is recommended for arching eyebrows and for removing hair from upper lip and chin. read more


GiGi Hair Removal Wax - Specially formulated for coarse hair. Removes all unwanted hair effectively and instantly. GiGi is the 1-s...elling professional hair removal wax. read more


Professional quality wax quickly and effortlessly removes hair from large areas including legs, bikini line, torso and arms. Pliab...le wax does not require muslin strips, just flick the edge up and pull the strip off. read more


What is this product? GiGi Microwave Tweezeless Wax formula is easy, convenient and requires no muslin. Gentle enough for individu...als with sensitive skin. More info: Formulated with Azulene Oil, GiGi Tweezless Wax helps to soothe even the most sensitive skin. Leaves no residue on skin. read more


Andrea Naturals Apple and Pear Ready-to-Use Cold Wax for Face, Body and Legs is specially formulated with Apple and Pear fruit ext...racts that are rich in organic acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties that refine and rejuvenate the skin while effectively removing unwanted hair. With moisturizing and anti-aging properties, this wax wonderfully soothes dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Overtime, hair returns slower and sparser while your skin remains firm. Our all-natural, water-soluble formula is ready to use with no heating required. read more


Salon Supply Store Professional Depilatory Wax -Lavender This depilatory hair removal wax is one of the best in the business. It i...s easy to apply and even easier to remove leaving no residues or unsightly reddening on the skin. The low melting point allows you to start and finish faster! From its delightful scent to its phenomenal results this is a must have for anyone bothered by unwanted hair. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Place the Wax into the wax heating appliance. Be sure it COMPLETELY melts. Spread the wax evenly in a thin layer onto the area to be depilated in the direction of hair growth. Use the palm of the hand to press the nonwoven fabric strip onto the wax until the fabric sticks completely to the skin. Starting from the bottom, lift wax upwards sharply. Use a cleansing oil to remove any residual wax. Massage depilated area with a moisturizing and soothing agent. Skin stays smooth for 4-6 weeks! Make sure to store in a cool dry place. Easy to use Delightful Lavender Scent Removes hair for 4-6 weeks! read more


Salon Supply Store Dual Wax Heater Hair Removal Warmer This amazing depilatory wax heating unit is very versatile unit. It can hea...t two different sizes and types of wax at the same time! Not only does it heat the 14 oz wax cans, but also the smaller and more convenient roll on wax cartridges. The 14 oz can of depilatory wax is the more traditional way of waxing. Place whole can inside heater and remove lid and begin heating. This is for larger areas needing depilation like the back and legs. The roll on wax heater gives you all the benefits of waxing, but with an easy to roll on applicator. No more spatulas and sticks! Waxing gives your skin that smooth and flawless feel you've always wanted. And this unit is able to heat up to 3 cartridges for your convenience! Heat up more wax and save time. The wax cartridges are disposable making most of the clean up an absolute breeze. The protective cover prevents dust so it lasts longer. This unit makes a great addition to any home or salon! Operation: Before use, make sure the skin is absolutely clean. Insert the wax cartridge or can into the wax machine. Turn on the power. Heat the wax machine for about 20-30min then begin Roll or spread the product over skin in the direction that the hair grows in small areas that you want depilated. Place the nonwaven fabric strip firmly over waxed area Tear off the hair-removal paper in the reverse direction that the hair grows. After hair removal, use the cleanser to clean off any residues the wax may have left behind. After cleaning, use a moisturizer for the smoothest skin you've ever had! Notice: Turn off the power before cleaning the machine. Don't use on sensitive skin or skin that has other problems (i.e. allergies) Don't expose depilated skin to sunlight and UV for 24 hours after the wax treatment. Don't soak in water to clean. Easy to use Heats 1 can and 3 cartridges for multiple uses 110V Great for the salon or at home read more


Salon Supply Store Wax Warmer Hair Removal Heater Take the time ti purchase your own 4.3L precise digital temperature setting SPA ...QUALITY deluxe paraffin wax warmer. Paraffin wax is widely used in treatment of sore muscles, hydration therapy, wax masks, etc. The large wax basin allows for a multitude of uses and easily fits hands, feet, and easy maneuverability. Unit allows you to choose from a wide range of temperature settings ? Clear, see through lid to monitor wax ? Easy to grip double handles ? 4 Pot opening to accommodate most wax containers on the market ? 4.3L capacity - Dimensions 15 x 9 x 8 Incredible quality at an even more amazing price Prepare your wax in record time as you increase sales & clientele Stylish design fits into any home or salon dcor Perfect accessory for any professional salon or home read more

Parissa Hair Removal Systems

This water soluble cold wax is known as the Traditional Middle Eastern Hair Removal. No heating is required for this product and i...t is made of 100% natural ingredients. This wax is to be used on the face. This product is not tested on animals. read more

Clean+ Easy

Description:Since its inception over a decade ago, clean+easy has quickly risen to become a leader in the professional spa industr...y with its innovative roll-on waxing system, superb quality and variety of waxes. clean+easy recognizes the active and sometimes hectic lifestyle of today's women and we want to accommodate their schedule by offering fast, effective and easy methods of hair removal. The ease of use, quick application and effortless clean-up are key features that make these products a success.Features:Standard size wax can.Fits most pot warmers.Original -Original hair removal formula.Perfect for all skin types.Sensitive -Ideal for sensitive skin.For facial body waxing.Formulated with Chamomile Azulene.Soothes skin.Green Tea -Antioxidant rich.Infused with Green Tea.Soothing Aloe Vera.Perfect choice for delicate areas.White Tea -Formulated with White Tea Zinc Oxide.Natural protective barrier.Designed for sensitive skin.Black Tea -Nourishing Argan Oil.Potent antioxidants.Formulated with Black Tea.Ideal for removal of coarse hair.Specifications:14 oz read more

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