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Diamancel Beauty


What it is: An innovative nail file that delivers agility along with the unparalleled abrasive qualities and durability of the di...amond. What it does: Built by bonding diamonds to a flexible material, this high-performance, long-lasting, washable tool takes nail filing to the next level, with elegance. The #2 file design is the most popular Diamancel nail file, ideal for shaping and maintaining nails of most types. The thin profile navigates effortlessly under and around the nails, and works in all directions. read more


What it is: A uniquely effective, durable, and washable foot-smoothing tool. What it does: This revolutionary foot-softening e...ssential features an innovative geometric diamond pattern that removes dead, dry, rough skin with agility and easeno need for unidirectional filing. Salon-tested for pinnacle performance, the buffer boasts an easy-to-hold rubber handle that provides excellent control. The buffing surface's diamond-infused composition works hard so you don't have to. What else you need to know: Save time, effort, and money with this lasting, high-performance must-have. Your remarkably sleek feet will thank you. read more


Bliss diamancel course file has been specially designed for shaping and filing sculpted nails and tough toe nails. Diamond files effective, durable and washable. read more

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