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Maxim Hygiene Products

Pure Natural Cotton Travel Packbr Maxim Hygiene ~ Soft, Safe Natural Chlorine Free 2 Prevents Irritation 3 Extra Soft 4 Biodegrada...ble This awesome 3 in 1 Travel Pack combines our assortment of cosmetic accessories into an easy to store, grab and to go kit. The packaging makes it convenient to always have these daily items available while traveling or tucked away in your back pocket and a purses makeup bag. And as always we use 100% chlorine free pure natural cotton. So, whether youre traveling to an exotic destination or heading out to paint the town red, dont forget to pack your handy dandy 3 in 1 pack of cotton balls, rounds and swabs! Maxim products use the naturally unique characteristics of cotton to provide a Soft, Safe and Natural Solution to existing health and environmental risks and concerns associated with the use and production of conventional Tampons, Sanit read more

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