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Dr. Robert Ibsen founded Rembrandt in 1989 when he sought a product to help patients fix stains and scratches on their teeth. He created Rembrandt, the first brand to introduce a teeth-whitening toothpaste. The brand still focuses on teeth whitening today. Along with its teeth- ... Read More whitening toothpaste, Rembrandt also sells mouthwash, toothpaste for sensitive mouths, whitening rinse, whitening strips, and more. Its Fast Whitening products help whiten teeth in as little as two hours. Products in the Fast Whitening collection use enamel-safe ingredients to quickly produce a brighter, whiter smile. With daily use, Rembrandt's Daily Whitening products gradually whiten teeth as they maintain and protect teeth. Rembrandt also offers solutions for teeth stains. Rembrandt's Intense Stain toothpaste and dissolving strips whiten tough surface stains from coffee, tea, and wine to help achieve and maintain a whiter smile. Rembrandt's Deeply White 2-Hour Whitening Kit whitens teeth in a 2-hour treatment. Rembrandt's whitening products help you maintain a brighter smile and prevent future teeth stains.

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