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Secret, an antiperspirant and deodorant company, was founded in 1956. The brand was created by consumer goods company Procter & Gamble to serve the female market. The product was originally a cream applied with fingers, though a roll-on product debuted in 1958. The spray and soli... Read Mored products followed. In the 1980s, Secret introduced Powder Fresh, Spring Breeze, and Sporty Clean scents, and Secret became the leading women's deodorant brand in the country. 

Secret products are available in several forms: solid, spray, roll-on, and clear gel. The original solid provides basic protection and is available Unscented and in Powder Fresh, Sheer Clean, Shower Fresh, Spring Breeze, and Clean Lavender scents. The Secret Clinical Strength line, which provides prescription-strength protection, debuted in 2007. Secret Clinical Strength comes in several varieties, including Sensitive Skin, Sport, Waterproof, and Stress Response. 

In addition to antiperspirants, Secret manufactures a line of body sprays. The scented sprays can be found in the Scent Expressions, Fresh Effects, Mean Stinks, and Sport lines in both aerosol and spray varieties. 

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