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Skin Appetit

Skin Appetit

The Nutritionist's Recipe for Ageless Skin with nutrx8complex Vita-fresh lather purifies pores and boosts healthy cell turnover. P...araben -free Detoxifying Nutri-Cleanser This daily cleanser uses our nutrx8complex with vita-fresh lather to purify pores and boost healthy cell turnover. For skin that is fresh, glowing and ready for the day. nutrx8complex The nutrx8complex of whole food extracts feeds your skin with: Blueberries: high in vitamin c and anthcyanins to fight free radicals and reduce inflammation Cantaloupe: Filled with beta-carotene and vitamin A to purify skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines Grapeseed Extract: Rich in polyphenols, the most powerful antioxidants, to boost skin energy and glow Creamy Yogurt: Calcium and protein fortify and strengthen skin Wild Honey: Helps skin retain moisture and diminishes appearance of lines and wrinkles Fig: The fruit highest in minerals helps plump, hydrate and repair Walnut Oil: High in omega-3 good fats to replenish moisture and smoothness Dark Chocolate: Full of antioxidants to prevent premature aging "Beautiful skin -- part of your nutritious life!" Skin Appetit? by Keri Glassman MS RD CDN The philosophy behind Skin Appetit is that our skin can be more vibrantly healthy and age-resistant if we feed it well, both inside and out. With these luscious creams, cleansers and treatments, we can optimally nourish our skin so it looks and feels its healthiest and most beautiful each and every day. That's because they are formulated with my exclusive nutrx8complex: 8 extracts from super foods we should be eating every day, including blueberries, cantaloupe, red grapes, creamy yogurt, wild honey, figs, walnuts and dark cocoa chocolate. Not tested on animals. Apply cleanser to face and massage upward gently. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. Best when used with other Skin Appetit products. 2007 Woodridge Labs, Inc. read more

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