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Spongeables Sponges - Spongeables 4-In-1 Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer: A revolutionary patent-pending technology foam-release system wit...h aromatherapy 4-In-1 cleanses, exfoliates, massages, and moisturizes Double-sided sponge exfoliates, smoothes, and relaxes your tired feet With glycerin, olive oil, shea butter and eucalyptus 15+ washes 50g/2oz read more


Pedi Scrub Foot Buffer 20+ Lavender Tea Tree Oil Aromatherapy


Spongeables Sponges - Spongeables Anti-Cellulite Body Wash in A Sponge (Grapefruit Zest-Pink Pepper) 20+ Washes: Reduce the appear...ance of cellulite as you shower With Multi-Sal Muscle Toner and Lotus extract and Caffeine Massaging, toning, moisturizing and exfoliating Fast and convenient cellulite smoothing every time you shower Exclusively formulated with new Multi-Sal Muscle Toner natural Rhodofiltrat sea extract enhances microcirculation to help prevent dimpling on fatty areas Specially t read more

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