Yes to Blueberries Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Cleansing Facial Towelettes

Pre-moistened towelettes. With apple + lemon peel. To cleanse and moisturize all-in-one. 99% natural product. 11 Womens Health beauty all-stars. Yes to Blueberries collection features products that help improve skin firmness, protect skin, ...diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and nourish age-damaged skin. Its a recipe for youth-enhancing goodness! Made with biodegradable, natural cloth; FSC fabric. 99% natural; enriched with organic blueberries, lemon peel, and apple for a brightening cleanse. Gentle cleansing and moisturization. The Power of Yes: Yes to health. Yes to organic fruits and veggies. Yes to caring as much about what you put on your body as what you put in it. Yes to the benefits of anti-oxidants. Yes to being low maintenance and highly fabulous. Yes to happiness. Yes to you! Join the Yes to movement at You probably already know this, but - Made with natural ingredients, so product discoloration may occur. Yes to Seed Fund. Cruelty free. Visit read more

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