Teeth and Pregnancy don't go well together

Mon, 03/12/2012 - 19:32 -- Nicole

My first dream was me having 3 extremely loose teeth and i somehow had some dentist friend who was about to put me out and take them out, normally i am really nervous about dental anything, but i was ok with it, i just thought, might as well take them all out. The second part of the dream, i was suddenly pregnant and freaked out thinking, my class is the only one where nobody has gotten pregnant, i can’t mess that up! then thought, i haven’t had sex for a really long time, makes no sense. Then all of a sudden the last guy i had sex with, i was marrying, 3 girls from my class objected and i kicked them out of my wedding, but we didn’t finish the wedding, somehow they wanted a story of why i was marrying him and at my age, then i suddenly pulled out (i’m guessing) my baby. then the dream ended. weird right?