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Ten Political Sex Scandals We’re Likely Not to Forget

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David Petraeus


Rounding out this top ten list is the magnificent Petraeus scandal, which goes something like this: Head of CIA has an affair with the woman writing his biography. Florida socialite (and supposed friend of the Petraeus family) starts getting threatening emails from jealous writer. Scared socialite then contacts her FBI buddy and asks him to investigate (some assume FBI guy may have had a crush on socialite as he sent topless photos of himself to her). Socialite, it then turns out, had also been having “flirtatious” correspondence with a four-star General. Enough already.


At the end of the day, this stuff is impossible to resist. We don’t even need to waste time getting lost in primetime drama when we can tune into the nightly news for a piece of the real thing.






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