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Ummm...&nbsp;&nbsp; <ul> <li>I love to write peotry.&nbsp;</li> <li>I hope to one day be a 3rd grade teacher...</li> <li>My mom is my hero and I don't really know what I would be today without her.</li> <li>I cant wait to be in college and be able to pay my own bills...I do admit Im scared thou</li> <li>I am out going.</li> <li>I love to meet new people.</li> <li>I tend to talk a lot but people usually just tell me to shut up...and I</li> <li>...But I dont like people to walk all over me.</li> <li>I've been with my boy friend for a year now.</li> <li>I live in Florida now...very small town..</li> <li>I like it...&nbsp;</li> </ul>

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This is a poem I wrote when a ex boyfriend and I broke up … together eleven months to the day. Two hearts, beating at different times like...