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Amanda Stokes Mason

WHY WAIT....CREATE!! I just rediscovered my creative side about 2 years ago. I like introducing people to things that will add value to their lives or maybe just make them smile. I am currently editing books for two up and coming authors and writing a TV sitcom spec script. I earned a BA in English and minor in Education over a lifetime ago. I enjoy designing jewelry and traveling. As for what inspires me, I turn to nature and the human spirit. Currently, my focus is on an upcoming trip to Cabo and spending time with my family.

Stories by Amanda Stokes Mason

A Work that could be my legacy Searching for my reason to be Revelations said to Write Joy beyond all belief And soulful release Pen and paper...
The Strongest Shoulders that that I have ever cried on, Arms that though aching held me till dawn, A Heart so truly Loving that it brought...