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Hello! My name is Annie and I&nbsp;live in Oxford, UK. <br /> <br /> A little bit about me: After finishing a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, I spent years globehopping as the MD of various aircraft companies and generally being an international playgirl. I finally decided to hang up my spanners and spangly sandals and moved, (with my daughter Izzy and dog, Naughty George) from the big smoke to the countryside - Just outside of Oxford. <br /> <br /> So, I now wear wellies instead of spangly sandals, and have fields instead of Starbucks, and I have realised that unlike the city, people in the country generally like to eat the animals they are surrounded by.<br /> <br /> This is a whole new chapter in my life as I try to set up a new business in a new place..... wish me luck!<br />

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Weekend sunshine. Don’t you just love it? Yesterday, Izzy and I were returning from the fields after walking Naughty George, when we heard the...