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Hi All,<br /> <br /> My name is Trish.&nbsp; My page name is Atmen.&nbsp; I like that because it means, &quot;God Within&quot;, what a beautiful way to think of ourselves.&nbsp; I think our world would be so much better if we could all think of ourselves as God is always within us.&nbsp; We are God and God is us.&nbsp; All one in the same.&nbsp; The other part of this, is to love and accept all as, &quot;God is within&quot;.&nbsp; <br /> Don't always live my life that way, but try to as often as possible.&nbsp; We are where we are because this is where we are needed.&nbsp; Our souls bring us experiences that we have chosen to live, to experience.&nbsp; It is all our Devine purpose on this earth or many purposes that we are to experience.&nbsp; I don't say &quot;learn&quot; because that almost seems like if we don't do well with these experiences then we don't pass.&nbsp; Nobody doesn't pass.&nbsp; We live this life and come back when we're supposed to, as I believe we do many times.&nbsp; <br /> I have chosen to believe this way because all else that I have learned just doesn't seem to come from a loving God.&nbsp; I choose Love.&nbsp; My hope is all that read this believe that &quot;God is within&quot;.<br /> <br />

Stories by Atmen

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