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Iam a women who enjoys the lighter side of life. I kinda know where i am going ( finally), I like to think that i owe the world more than i could ever repay it.<br /> I am a dedicated mother, sister, friend, daughter. I like music of all kind, i like&nbsp;written and spoken words.<br /> I am&nbsp;seasoned traveler.<br /> I am a flashy( hair, make-up, jewelry)simple chick (lol)&nbsp;<br />

Stories by Calkem Nolley

Who writes poetry? Those like me, I’m told. Those with troubled souls, those who have a sense of wonder that’s hard to contain. Who...
To my son, I am stronger than Wonder Woman. To my son, I am better than Kool-aid, maybe not the red kind. To my son, I am sweeter than Splenda, but...
Rain’s pouring down upon my person, like the tears running down my face—both puddle at my feet. Making me give grace unto these...