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I am fifty. I make myself write that each time because it's so darned hard. I feel 32.  Dad used to say if I could be your age and know what I know now.... Dad used to say a lot of things.  I know that nights are meant to be shared.  I know that dawn and dusk and their dualities of light are magic.  I know that the reasons people do things are sometimes very difficult to understand.  I know that we have a side we show everyone, a side we show only our close friends and a part of us we show no one.  Raised Catholic, and now do not pledge allegiance to any specific formalized religion I am now more aware of my own spirituality than I have ever been and have been secular for twenty five years.  I am the only one in my family of seven who is not a traditional Catholic. I hold a degree in physiotherapy which I practiced almost exactly until the day I paid off my student loan.  I want to work at something I care about for the rest of my life and I am putting one foot in front of the other creating that life.   now.  Words are powerful and somehow my future is intertwined with words. My dog Rafter died in my lap, alone, just he and I, this week and I have never had a life leave it's body in my lap.  I am wondering when a life ceases to be a life.  Staying at home to raise my children was the hardest thing I have ever done and the greatest gift I have ever been given because it allowed me to do the most important work one can do.  If I was young again, I'd try to become a tour tennis player.  I believe the world is in fabulous hands in the next generation.  I know that we are all the same in our core, that souls recognize life and within that sameness lies the greatest potential energy.  If we could just get it together.  I know that there is no more life in one moment than in another and more power in thought that we can begin to understand.  I know that if spring doesn't come soon most of us in Western Canada will go stir crazy.  I love Robert Redford for loving the lines in a woman's face. I love the lines in George Clooney's face. There are stories to tell and yes, Jason, Life is Wonderful!

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