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I am a woman who is&nbsp;65+ years old and&nbsp;I live in Texas.&nbsp;&nbsp;After more than 50 years of marriage I became a widow in March 2008.&nbsp; (I guess that kind of tells you how many years&nbsp;to add to the 65.)&nbsp; I had six children -- 5 boys and a girl (yes, she was the last one!)&nbsp; I also have 14 grandchildren and one great granddaughter who will be 2 in June.&nbsp; By the way, my daughter is the mother of 4 girls.&nbsp; My family is&nbsp;very close and we all live fairly near by.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;I enjoy life -- I believe that humor and faith go a long way when things get tough.&nbsp; I love to travel.&nbsp; My favorite TV show is &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;&nbsp; -- I travel the world vicariously. &nbsp;I'm intrigued by history.&nbsp;&nbsp;Love music and reading.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /> <br /> I have been an Interior Designer and Space Planner.&nbsp; But, a bit more than 24 years ago , my husband (a structural engineer ) and I were co-founders of&nbsp;the Samaritan Ministry.&nbsp; It was begun after the death of our 21 year old son in a car wreck.&nbsp;&nbsp;It is a ministry that trains&nbsp;volunteers&nbsp;to be &quot;good neighbors&quot; to others&nbsp;who are experiencing serious illness or&nbsp;being elderly and homebound.&nbsp; Also the volunteers provide knowledge and support at the time of a death, as well as&nbsp;comfort and continued support to the bereaved following the death.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;I am a certified bereavement&nbsp;specialist and have experienced being a caregiver over the year my husband was dying of cancer.&nbsp;&nbsp;I am always open to&nbsp;discussing emotions and problems with&nbsp;others who are experiencing illness and grief.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> There are&nbsp;problems with adapting to widowhood after&nbsp;52 years of a very good marriage.&nbsp; We lived through for better or for worse;&nbsp;for richer or for poorer;&nbsp;in sickness and in health and both agreed at the end&nbsp; that it was a wonderful marriage.&nbsp;&nbsp;As I said&nbsp;before -- I enjoy life so I write not only on grief and illness, but on travel, history, space planning and history.<br /> <br /> Have a great day and enjoy life!<br /> Charlotte<br />

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