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Claire T.

I am a life enthusiast. I love the adventure of exploring everything every day brings. Outdoor interests: Scuba, Sailing, Skiing, Hiking, Camping, Kayaking, and just about anything in the sun or snow. Entertainment: Drama, Suspense, or Comedy. I prefer movies over TV. Opera, Theater, and Seasonal Symphonies are favorites. Live comedy enjoyed with friends is always fun. Dinner parties and dancing. A good book and a warm fire on a winter's eve. My favorite jobs: My job as Mom and anything that provides an opportunity for me to learn and help others navigate change. What I like best: My enthusiasm to learn, do, and be more. I enjoy experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, and going to new places.

Stories by Claire T.

Thanks for meeting me here tonight. I’m really looking forward to giving you a tour of Rosi’s Restaurant. The restaurant’s...
As I write this article, I’m acutely aware that I’m not sure of much of anything. I’m not even sure this article should be...
Throughout my youth in the 70s and 80s, the image of the Superwoman was the model of success. Like so many women of my era, I set out to become the...