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<p>I have had almost every legal job there is from host of a cable access tv show (kind of like Wayne's World, but a little better)&nbsp;to professor at a major university.&nbsp; But I finally found my true calling in Personal Life Coaching.&nbsp; I love helping my clients&nbsp;transform their lives.<br /> <br /> I've also had some bizarre things happen:&nbsp; mono at 14, my mom diagnosed with incurable cancer at 15 (with experimental treatment at NIH she lived for 11 more years), almost died of pneumonia at 16, got really fat in college (took years to get that under control, now I'm totally against dieting), was back at college while a serial killer terrorized the campus (Rollins), got married at 36 and one month later was diagnosed with MS, and now to top it off, I found out my kneecaps don't fit right LOL, it's called lateral aplaysia.&nbsp; The doctor said no stairs and we live in a two-story house.&nbsp; Therin lies the rub.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;</p>

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