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Cordelia is a compulsive reader and avid writer with a photographer's eye and an artistic streak.<br /> <br /> Her love of words was ignited by her parents. Her mother would describe her every action to her and carry her around everywhere from the day she was born, and her father would tell her about the history and evolution of languages. Unsurprisingly, Cordelia started talking before she could walk - and hasn't stopped since. The moment she was able to hold a book, she was hooked. She would challenge her mother by knowing every bedtime story by heart and correcting any fatigue-induced slip-up, and by trying to dodge physiotherapy by repeatedly declaring she'd &quot;rather read&quot;. <br /> <br /> Indeed, Cordelia never developed any competitive ambitions when it came to sports and lacks the risk gene required for bungee jumping, canyoning, and such. She loves yoga, swimming and taking long relaxed walks, since she firmly believes one should only run if chased by a knife-wielding madman. <br /> <br /> Cordelia constantly strives to simplify and streamline her life, thus making more space for her multifaceted interests.<br />

Stories by Cordelia Long

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