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My name is Deborah Akbar and I grew up in foster homes, from New York to California, so by age 17 I went into the military. There were no wars at the time and I went to get money for college. Now by 23 I am divorced, a single mom and disabled due to a horrific car accident near Fort Eustis, Va., in 1990. Three days later I awoke from a coma to be told that I would NEVER walk again because I was a C-7 C-8 quadriplegic. Now I didn’t let that stop me, so I found a place to stay and went back to college. I meet my future husband right when I was in the middle of a spiritual journey. My second son is born I quit taking all medication and he came here healthy but I went back to prescriptions because I thought my doctors knew what was best for me. It’s 1998 and I AM married and baptized finally. In 2001 I begin home schooling my youngest son and loving it. I finally kick my drug habit PRESCRIPTIONS in 2005. It took a whole year to get that garbage out of my system. Searching the internet as I normally did in 2006 I found Brucker biofeedback 98% of Dr. Brucker’s patients have had results, like using their hands, moving their legs, standing and some were able to walk. Gratitude is what brought me to this point which is why I youtube . I am traveling to Miami on March 8, 2008 not only for myself, but for everyone that this treatment will help. The first step next step foundation beginning April 2008 will help all who want this procedure and do not have the means to finance it. .

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As I sit in the chair that has allowed me to be mobile for the past eighteen years, I am happy and grateful for the lessons I learned. I learned who...