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<em>Friends call me Debbie, I have 6 children. 3 are from my husbands first marriage and I have 3 sons, I took the short cut and had twins:). We have a total of 18 grandchildren and Matthew hasn't even started yet!!&nbsp;:)<br /> We have recently moved to Tennessee from northern Indiana. I miss my family and friends but God has been good to us with the job for my Denny and a wonderful church family.<br /> We had both thought hard about having a child together and he or she would have been special in their own right but we are not young any longer so we got a dog!! :) Now that is a comment also you know:) He is a big baby and spoiled rotten. His name is Sarge after my father, and he is a doberman pincher some are afraid of him but he would love ya to death before hurting anyone. :)<br /> Denny &amp; I love to ride our motorcycle. It is so refreshing a totally different kind of ride from a closed in car.<br /> I love to cook and try to find different ways to make something plain into something special. Denny has his way with the grill :)<br /> I think of myself as a full of life person, colorful some have called me :) I enjoy making friends and family happy with small surprises. I love listening to my sons laugh and I especially love giving that hug to someone that is in need of knowing they are not alone :)<br /> <br /> To everyone that reads this may God bless you and give you his special *hugs*<br /> <br /> Be the Miracle<br /> </em>

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