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I live on the beautiful prairie of South Dakota.&nbsp; I am an author, speaker and consultant in love with the fact that life is an amazing journey.&nbsp; I&nbsp;have survived the sudden death of my mom, which began a journey of finding the gifts of her life--the values that make me who I am today.&nbsp; Sharing those gifts and helping others find their own core, authentic values is my passion, whether I am speaking on service, leadership or life balance, or sharing my story of healing with a group of people who have lost someone they love.<br /> <br /> What am I&nbsp;most proud of in my journey?&nbsp; My family--two loving, kind daughters and their husbands,&nbsp;two perfect grandchildren who call me &quot;Gumma,&quot; and a wonderful husband.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;am the author of <em>Dear Mom: Remembering, Celebrating, Healing,</em> a collection of stories written in the form of letters to my late mother, and a calendar of her words and their impact on my life, called <em>Simple Wisdom. Lasting Legacy</em>.&nbsp; Check out my web site for articles and inspiration that makes life's journey great. <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a>.&lt;!--Session data--> <div>&nbsp;</div>

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