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I love the Lord and I am an Author just released my First book "Why am I single Again" I am a Life Coach who wants to reach out to women all over the world to bring the message of Hope and Deliverance. I have had the experience of getting to walk in the shoes of a Woman who had no clue what she was here on earth to do. Now I have a dream bigger than Life. I founded a ministry called Divas Ministries International, to help Women find balance in Life Emotionally, spiritually, physically and Financially. I have a five year old boy, who is a gift from God because he makes me know that I have a huge responsibility, It is not easy being a Single Parent and if I knew better I would not have taken that route. I am thankful to God that he has a wonderful Father who is very involved in his life. Because one thing I know for sure is that I can not be both a mother and Father. I love decorating and cleaning my house especially, I love new ideas on how to make a home look like heaven on earth, I mean a sanctuary, somewhere to rest, relax, rejuvenate and replenish.

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Everyone wants to do what they love to do, there is no doubt about that, but how many are willing to go through all the ups and down to get there....
From My Book Being Released This Fall Why am I Single Again? Foundation for my marriage God says; suppose one of you wants to build a tower, will...