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Edie Weinstein-Moser

I live life full out, with passion and color and teach others about living juicy! I am learning to just BE which is a challenge at times for a recovery Type A:) Highly intuitive, open hearted and loving. An insatiable cuddler which is a good thing, since I facilitate a workshop called Cuddle Party I realize how cool it is to go to work dressed in pj.s (since that is the attire for the workshop) and get paid to touch and be touched! Since being widowed nearly 10 years ago, I have re-created myself and my life experiences...have become a free-lance journalist, energy worker, interfaith minister and clown. Prior to my husband's death from Hep C, I was a social worker and (with him) a magazine publisher in the transformational genre. Very cool manifesation of 20 year journalistic dream this past summer when I interviewed His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Next dream into reality,,,writing a regular column for Oprah. Consummate networker, I love connecting with people and creating win-win scenarios for all. I have 5 books in the works at the moment, all calling to be published. I live with a sense of gratitude for life and all the blessings with which I'm showered daily.

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