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Elizabeth Brennan

I live in Shanghai and I teach English here. I have been doing this for almost ten years. Time to call it quits as soon as I can. I have four children in Canada and six grandchildren. I initially came to China for a year, I had fully intended to return to Canada, however, things to do, places to go. One of the great things is location, easy to get to other places such as Japan, Thailand, Singapore etc. I enjoy arts and crafts and usually have something on the go all the time. I am trying my hand at quilting, and just love it. I knit and make little felty things. Not of much use, but fun all the same. My background is in England, but growing up we, as a family, travelled and lived in different places as my father was in the British Army. A nomadic lifestyle must be in my genes. I have worked for lawyers, had my own house cleaning business, lived on a dairy farm, and packed apples for a living. It feels good to be here and I hope to meet some wonderful women.

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