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I love to cross stitch, though I want to know the diff between 14 & 18 count is. I dig being a mom. I find it an easy and fun job if you take the time to get to know your kids as a person, not just someone to restrict/disapline. Turns out-I have really awsome, funny, and plain old fun to have around. I first met my husband (of 16 years) when we were 12 (i'm just about to turn 40 in two weeks) My children are: Andrew(Drew)21, he's a boxer, Sequoia 15(diva) and Jurnee 11(ruff & tumble still). I love a good sense of humor, & byes....audiable books(thrillers ie. Koonts, King & Grisham & cCook too. I listen on my ipod while I stitch! Well, that's about it.

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  Big topic for a first time writer.  I suck at typing so bear w/me.                  ...