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I'm a girl who lost it all only to realize it was then I could build myself the life I wanted and help others do the same.<br /> <br /> If you're at the verge of burnout, I feel your pain. There's hope. It's inside of you but you will have to stop and rethink your priorities. And the first priority is YOU.<br /> <br /> Check out my website at <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a> There's a cool freebie!!!

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Brazil’s flag says (in Portuguese) “Order and Progress.” A few years ago I worked with a person that I couldn’t stand. And...
There is no doubt that when we feel stressed, we do not make the best decisions. We can compare our brain to a computer: when too many programs are...
When people ask me how they can start to be happy at their workplace—especially these days—I tell them the answer is more than just one...