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Hmm…born in Ohio, raised in New Mexico, and now a Texan. A yankee cowgirl with the heart of a steel magnolia? It makes for an interesting cultural mash-up and might explain why I always feel like I’m going in multiple directions at the same time. I lived in the Midwest near a large extended family until I was school age. Then my parents heard the call of the wild and moved out west. We had horses, sheep, goats, ducks, donkeys, mules and the more ordinary dogs and cats. I started and finished school living in the midst of that menagerie, but eventually left all that behind and headed to Texas to pursue a college degree. My education led me to, well…education. I spent some time at home raising two amazing daughters, then went to work as an English teacher for more than a decade. I loved the students and the literature and left the profession because of the politics, not the pupils. And now I would like to put my love of language to use as a writer. My original BA was in technical communications, and I did extensive work in writing, editing, and publishing as a volunteer and an employee while I was at Texas Tech in Lubbock. My heart is calling me back to this creative pursuit as I enter a new chapter in my life.

Stories by Holly Baker

The world through the eyes of an eighth grader is a wonderful thing. Even a classic work such as Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart takes on a fresh, new...