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I was born, raised and educated throughout the Midwest and began writing as soon as I could hold a pen. It seemed easier than talking. I regularly wrote stories to my mom and dad and though encouraged to pursue writing, I found myself at the University of Cincinnati, College of Business. My career was spent in a male dominated industry (heavy duty restaurant equipment) where I managed to successfully navigate a sea of testosterone. A sane woman wouldn’t choose writing novels as a vocation. But though steeped in angst, writing feeds my soul. I used to arrange flowers but now I derive great joy in arranging words. The idea is that people might cry or laugh as they connect to them. My first novel, Confessions of a Corporate Slut was published in January 2008. The title is metaphorical…tongue in cheek for smart women who give away their intellectual property for free…to benefit a spouse. Its publication preceded the very public stories of Silva Spitzer, Elizabeth Edwards, Midwestern Review gave it a 5 star rating. Haunting Tryst, a short-short story, was published by Bewildering Stories, an online literary magazine, in 2009. I am currently seeking representation for The Accuser’s Burden, my second novel, and actively writing my third novel, The Flame Dame Chronicles. Read more: Follow us: @JacquelineGum on Twitter | Confessionsofacorporateslut on Facebook

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