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I am the writer/owner of &lsquo;<a rel="nofollow" href="">MA! motherhood with attitude</a>.&rsquo; Our mission is to expose &lsquo;perfect parenting propaganda&rsquo; for what it is: hogwash!&nbsp; I am continuously struck by the disconnect between what I am experiencing as a mom and what I see in greeting cards and gifts for mothers. Come on! We all sit around at play dates or moms nights out and talk about how hard it is! And yet, all the propaganda out there makes motherhood look clean, easy and sexy. At MA!, we adore imperfect parents (and embrace the fact that we are among them.)

Stories by Janalee Chmel

So, we had one of those horrific visits to the ER on Sunday night. Blood, gore, screaming … I promise to tell the whole story, but my real...
I’m sick as a dog. Sick, sick, sick. When I talk to people on the phone, they feel like they should wash their phones, faces and hands after...
The other day, Allie had a play date so Delaney and I had one-on-one time. I was very excited! She still had a Christmas gift certificate from Claire...