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Jane Godany

I'm a work in progress on the path of self discovery and learning as I grow through life. I'm an artist trapped inside a single mom of a teenager trying to survive the struggles of existence and balance the external and internal forces. By doing this I have ended up divorced twice and have been currently working as an entertainer at a strip club. This I started at the age of 40. I've been working there over a year now and it has helped me recover from my marriage ending. Now I feel healed and like my old self again. I'm feeling creative and blogging is the cheapest way for me to get my creative fix.

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Over the weekend I got an email via LinkedIn from someone whose name looked familiar. After two seconds I remembered exactly who this was, my old...
Today, I got a call from a man that I had given my number to six months ago, in June, on a trip to Malibu. He lives in LA. I live in Denver. I...