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<p>Hi I&rsquo;m Jen.&nbsp; I am proud to be 39, happily married and a mother to five daughters. Grew up in Indiana, and am a small town girl at heart. We spent a few years on the East Coast in NYC and Boston, then lived a few years on the West Coast in Palo Alto, CA. We now live at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Sandy, Utah. The mountains are spectacular and we love living here.<br /> <br /> One year ago, I created a beauty blogging site called <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"><strong>Mythbuster Beauty</strong></a>&nbsp;because of my&nbsp;frustration trying to find honest, accurate beauty reviews and information.&nbsp; If you are passionate about skincare and cosmetics and are constantly searching for innovative wonderful products, I hope this blog can help you.</p> <p>Great makeup compliments your face best when your skin is healthy and clear. Skincare is what excites me most as I have struggled with adult acne, sun damage, and scarring.&nbsp; I am an advocate of the naturally curly hair care method.&nbsp; I love independent cosmetic companies and am inspired by women who see a need in the marketplace and created a business to fill it.</p> <p>Our lives are so complicated.&nbsp; Marketing claims can be misleading, and I need your help to debunk false promises and spread the word on good products.</p> <p>My Mantra:<br /> Everything we bring into our homes requires a little piece of our time and attention to care for it. I need to be selective and choose to hang onto things that &ldquo;give back&rdquo; in an emotional sense as much as they extract.</p>

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