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I&nbsp;Rock!&nbsp; And so does my my lil' guy.&nbsp; My Hubby rocks too, but usually only on his good days.&nbsp; :)&nbsp; They're both blessings, especially my son.<br /> <br /> Instead of using the term work-life balance, I&nbsp;prefer Career-Family Balance, because after all, isn't that more accurate?&nbsp; Spread the word so that Jessica G. Robles is known by sociologists around the world to have coined the term!<br /> <br /> I'm a lazy environmentalist, who's addicted to caffeine.&nbsp; A city girl trapped in the suburbs.&nbsp; And a wannabe chef who makes miracles in a tiny, yellow (non-gourmet)&nbsp;kitchen.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> I&nbsp;love to cook, and if it wasn't illegal, I would open up a Supper Club.&nbsp; I love to write, and I used to question whether I was a decent writer or not.&nbsp; Now I say, I'm a decent writer in desperate need of a decent editor.<br /> <br /> I write to evoke emotion and to persuade. I hope one day someone will hire me and I&nbsp;can do this writing things all of the time!<br /> <br />

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