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<div class="about-module module"> <div class="module-content"> <div class="user-about">I am a newlywed wife to Bill, Mom to Sam (11) Emily (9) and Hannah (9), Stepmom to Brianna (8) Gabriella (5) and Levi (3), Teacher, and an East-Coast City Girl in a Midwest World.</div> <div class="user-interests"><span class="label"><br /> I enjoy </span>chasing children, figuring out how to spend 5 minutes alone with my husband, vacations, rum drinks, board games, scrapbooking, reading, finding a balance between eating cookies and working out, baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes and writing my blog:</div> </div> </div>

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*Facebook: The girls are calling each other Soul Sisters instead of Step Sisters. I think it’s just an excuse to hear Gabby sing HEY SOUL...
When you have six children, aged three to eleven, you have to accept the reality that most of the time whatever you are doing would seem completely...