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Jody LaGreca, also published as J. R. LaGreca, was born in Sea Gate, Brooklyn, New York’s first gated community in Coney Island. She moved to Long Island as a child and began writing at the age of seven. She is the author of five books, Afternoon Tea, Suburban Weird, The Gloaming, Fleshpot and Seduction with a new book titled Bloodless to be released in 2012. Her novels have received five star reviews from Midwest Book Review and other reviewers. She has a BA in Writing/English from Queens College University of New York and graduated Phi Theta Kappa Magna Cum Laude in Fashion Apparel Design from NCC, State University of New York. Her poetry is internationally published in numerous magazines and anthologies, including Midstream and World News Forum. After college she worked in a family business with her mother and sister named Dreams. She designed and manufactured couture dresses and accessories. Her designs have been on the covers of the NATIONAL FASHION & BOUTIQUE SHOW trade magazine in New York City, as well as in Mademoiselle, Women’s Wear Daily, New York Post and Sassy. Jody LaGreca comes from an artistic family with notable, celebrity, political and historical figures. Her late cousin Wayne Finkelman is a renowned Costume Designer, inducted into the Hall of Fame. Western Costumes dedicated their Research Library to him by renaming it Wayne Finkelman Research Library. In the late 1900s her Great Aunt Ida Primoff, dubbed “the little girl from Hester Street” by the New York Times wrote the lyrics to The Song of New York celebrating the birth of the City of New York. The song was sung in New York elementary schools after The Star-Spangled Banner. On the event of The Song of New York being adopted by the city, Emma Lazarus describes Primoff as “the pearl of the ghetto.” Jody LaGreca’s interests include movies, literature, power walks, yoga, swimming, museums, art galleries, vintage memorabilia, historical sites, castles, nature, picturesque settings and gourmet dining. You may visit her website at

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