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Well to begin my journey my life is always moving, never a dull moment it seems. I have a beautiful daughter of 4yrs now where she brings joy to my life everyday I see her face. I 'm a very outgoing person, I believe I have a strong personality, I'm very talkative when it comes to meeting people, my parents always believed that I was going to get kidnapped because I just said hi or hello to anyone I saw in grocery stores, department stores, or just around the neighborhood. I'm surprised that I didn't get kidnapped to be honest, but I lived in a town where everyone knew everyone and hardly any crimes where committed. My childhood went quick it seems as I look back now, but I lived a good childhood, had a loving family that supported me with the best intensions they had to offer. We did a lot together as a family, ya know movie night with drinks and popcorn, game night with money in hand and cracking jokes around the table, family stuff that just isn't shown as much now as it use to be. I became a father a little earlier as I expected though. I was 19 going on 20 yrs old when I had my bundle of joy in August of 2005. At first I was a young man, I had my doubts, yes I was scared, but when your 19 & 20 years old your still a kid yourself, wanting to have a little fun here and there, go to parties, stay up late with friends, ya know kid stuff. So after awhile of having my doubts taking the best of me, I started to take on my responsibilities as a father and started taking care of my wonderful daughter Mackenzie, day in and day out. Now I wont lie to you there were some hard times, times like she wouldn't eat right away, crying all the time, ya know baby stuff, but I tried my hardest not to get all worked up. After highschool I matured a lot more than I expected, but also figured out what I wanted to do with my life, so I went to college to major in criminal justice, all it landed me so far was a Security position, but at least it started me somewhere. After my college experience, wouldn't call it much of a college experience, didn't experiment with drinking as much, not much of a heavy drinking, strange how that happened seeing that my family has their share of drinking occassions. Got Married in July of 2008, everything turned out great, almost everyone showed up that we invited, everything went smoothly. I must of did something right she at least showed up, cant get rid of her now. So now just trying to get our priorities set and hopefully will get a house someday, because renting sucks.

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