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Joy Hughes

Reared in a mountain community where coal mining was the only industry, I was very lucky to have finished high school. There were few chances for entertainment outside of family and neighborhood circles. My escape and recreation became living in the many books that were offered by our school library. Sitting in my bed at night, I could travel the world from the frigid Artic to the desert sands of Egypt. Experiences of the multitude of authors I could only read about built my hunger for learning about the world outside my window and now in my sixth decade of life, it has not stopped yet. I have been privileged to visit many of the places I had read about and met the people of the different cultures. How could I stop searching now for new adventures?

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As a teenager and into my twenties, I was very physically active. I jogged, before it was fashionable, competed in gymnastics, and hiked. As my...
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