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<span>Hi! I'm Julie. I'm a Sales and Executive Recruiter for a Search Firm in San Francisco.<br /> <br /> I am also a Resume Writer, working with clients worldwide through my unique, online resume writing service. Contact me today to find out more about how I can help you. Isn't it time you got the job of your dreams?<br /> <br /> I work with job seekers on all levels, from recent college graduates to executive level professionals. The things that distinguish me from the competition are:<br /> <br /> Varying resume packages to offer services for any budget.<br /> <br /> Personalized service - as a one-woman shop, the customer will not be passed off on to a less qualified individual<br /> <br /> Emphasis on the joy of starting a new career. I will offer expert advice on job searching, interviewing techniques and the work/life balance.<br /> <br /> What I've learned from being a Resume Writer and Recruiter:<br /> <br /> - Everyone has a secret dream.<br /> - Age is nothing.<br /> - Attitude is everything.<br /> - Not everyone wants to climb the corporate ladder.<br /> - Unless you are applying for a job as a butcher the word &rdquo;carcass&rdquo; should never appear on your resume.<br /> - First impressions are made in less than 10 seconds.<br /> - First impressions are hard to change.<br /> - First impressions are not totally impossible to change.<br /> - Mothers, who naturally think everything you do is precious, are not the best people to ask for resume writing help. &ldquo;Learned to walk at a very early age&rdquo; will not necessarily win a potential employer over.<br /> <br /> To get a quote for my Resume Writing Services, simply email me at<br /> You can also visit my blog at <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"></a><br /> </span>

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